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The Tree Giant

The tree giant is a type of giant that has become very rare.

Would you be able to recognise a male tree giant if you saw one? In fact, they are very similar to the large majority of giants. Like most giants, they have long legs, the body of a large man and a huge head. Typically, they are about the size of a house and are often mistaken for an oak tree as they are similar in stature. However, a few have been spotted that are much smaller and may easily be mistaken for bushes. The main feature of the male tree giant is that its green skin peels rather like the bark of a rough tree.

However, female tree giants are slender with silvery skin and pale green hair. For this reason, they often hide amongst willow trees. This allows them to blend in without being seen. Furthermore, these delicate female giants have amazing teeth that are like small millstones and are used for grinding their food. Amazingly, they scatter thousands of skin scales as they move along, rather like autumn leaves.

Like the common giant, the tree giant lives in solitary groups. They are very shy. During the daytime, they sleep in forests or small clumps of trees. However, at night, dusk and dawn, tree giants emerge and, if you are lucky, can be seen trimming hedges and tending to their gardens. They are easy to detect because they make a low rumbling sound as they breathe. However, if they think that they have been sighted, they freeze and become indistinguishable from trees.

Tree giants have a fairly limited diet. They live on the following: all green and succulent leaves; the silvery bark of the willow tree; hedgerow and garden flowers and other forms of vegetation that they cultivate in the wild. However, they can also be tempted with various fruits and are fond of nuts and garden vegetables. Be careful if you come across a tree giant, in case it mistakes you for a large form of turnip!

The most amazing thing about tree giants is that if you meet one, it may grant you a magical wish. For this reason, they have been hunted across the world. This has led to them becoming almost impossible to find.

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