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The Dream Catcher.

The dream catcher caught –

Sly sunlight
lingering on a hot roof,
like a sleepy, marmalade cat,
mist easing itself through the backstreets,
the fingertips of a breeze creasing
the school’s pond,
an airplane tearing the silence apart,
a teacher’s voice circling
above the children’s chatter,
the clatter of distracted chairs.


The dream catcher caught –

the moment when
a hawk falls like a feathered stone,
the silence between each
heartbeat before a test,
the shadow of a whale echoing
in the ocean’s mouth,
the sweet taste of frost,
glittering crazily
like a solar system
trapped on the pavement’s grey
and an awkward silence erupting.


The dream catcher created –

a map of ladybirds
like scarlet buttons,
a map of rosebuds
like soft crimson fists,
a map of fear
with oars made from a lizard’s claws,
a map of apologies
carving through
the ocean’s relentless, restless
rolling hills of water…


The dream catcher caught –

Peacocks, panthers,
Porridge and pancakes,
Peapods, paddles,
Punkrockers and a pinch
Of paprika.


The dream catcher caught –

the sound of a cathedral praying,
the taste of snow flakes,
the touch of honey, glowing in a jar,
the scent of a city asleep
and the glimpse of a dream’s tail feathers
flickering like fireflies.


For the dream catcher
threw out nets of wonder
and snared dreams
like so many glittering fishes.

© Pie Corbett 2019

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