21st February 11am Session 5 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

Stargrazer contd.

“Hold tight! Prepare to land!” Captain O’Shea barked over the megascope.

A moment later, the Stargrazer dipped below the clouds as air seeped out of the balloon and the engines stilled. They drifted down, buffeted from side to side by the storm. Ty and Mariana stared up, searching for the dragons. Had they managed to evade to them?

Episode 2 – ‘The Airship Lands’ 

Ty stared in horror as the ground rushed up to meet them. They were swooping ever downwards to what looked like an ancient, ruined city. Captain O’Shea wrestled with the tiller, trying her best to steer the Stargrazer towards an open square in the city center. By Ty’s side, Mariana stood holding a sky grappling iron, fending off a strange, flying creature from the skin of the balloon.  Its huge talons tore into the covering and sliced an irreparable tear, like a gaping wound out of which poured the air that had kept them flying.

With a dying hiss, the airship thudded down, landing in the square. Mariana had won the battle with the weird bird and it had already flown back up into the storm clouds. Ty peered over the railings at the city square that surrounded the wounded airship.

All around, ornate, stone buildings, that once must have been magnificent, lay crumbled. Great pillars jutted up, oak doorways stood ajar and huge, empty windows stared down. In a far corner, stood a ruined statue of some long-forgotten god. To one side, there were several fountains but they no longer sprayed. The place itself was quite empty and strangely silent as overhead the thunderstorm drifted south. The evening sun had already begun to cast darkening shadows and a cold wind blew dust across the square.

Twenty minutes later, the children found themselves alone on board the Stargrazer. Captain O’Shea and the crew had already left in search of materials to mend the balloon, leaving strict instructions that the children should not leave the ship. Ty and Mariana stood on deck, staring into the encroaching darkness. A few stars had appeared and a purple moon glowed above them.

At that moment, they heard something.

© Pie Corbett 2020

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Writing Tips

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  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish stories and poems not related to the instructions.

Season 5 - Create your blog post

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