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Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

Cave Goblins

The cave goblin is a rare form of goblin which is generally only out and about at night. This is because they have grown used to living in deep, dark caves so that they find the sunlight too bright to see clearly and too hot as well.

Cave goblins are easy to identify as they are the smallest goblin in the world being only ten centimetres tall. They are the size of small cats and their children are often mistaken for rats. They are covered in tough scales made from very hard granite. The adult cave goblins are a dark green colour which enables them to hide in shadows as well as trees, hedgerows and tall grass. However, juveniles are born with a yellowish tinge and red hair which they lose after their 100th birthday.

Cave goblins are found in most mountain ranges and hills where there are plenty of hiding holes. They live in large groups in underground caverns where they feel safest. When out and about foraging for food, they will keep to the shadows and this makes them very difficult to identify. They live in harmony and train mice as their pets. The mice are treated in the same way that humans fuss over dogs or cats.

Whilst most goblins are renowned for hoarding treasure, being aggressive and greedy as well being thoroughly stupid, the cave goblin shows no interest in gold, silver or any other valuable stones. They are only interested in playing chess and wiling away their time holding quiz shows and tending to their indoor pot plants. These shy and gentle creatures are vegetarians and grow their own fruit and vegetables on mountain sides close to the entrance to their dens. Cave goblins present no danger to humans and several have made friends with shepherds who are often out at night tending to their flocks.

Our ‘save the cave goblin’ campaign has been concerned for many years that these delightful creatures might be mistaken for other less pleasant types of goblin and therefore become hunted. Where cave dwellings and caverns have been discovered, the location is kept secret. To preserve these mysterious and gentle creatures, all goblin lovers should make sure that vegetable and fruit peelings are left out during snowy weather.

© Pie Corbett, Goblin Whisperer

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