You are a lost apple seed
ready to be planted,

You are a sead reddy planted but then
forgotten on a bench for 10 years,

you are the taste of
copper ice cream,

You are the taste of strawberry laces waiting on a shelf to be
picked up and eaten,

you are a quad bike driving in to
the sun set,

You are the many suns waiting to explode,
destroy the galaxy,

You are a car waiting to be bunt
from the middle out,

You are a blimp ready to fly
but then the engine fals,

You are a butterfly
in a cocoon,

You are a bus with no driver,

You are the banana that got
forgotten forever roting,

You are a tier for ever spin around,
goes flat all the time

You are a inder cater that
stays on walst tuning a corner

You are a millions waiting to be chowed

3 Responses to “Eli SWW”

  1. Wow! Your poem is incredible Eli. There is a few spelling errors though try and check through your poem for them.

  2. I really like it well done.

  3. Eli Thanks

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