the day of distress

You are a wet Wednesday waiting in the wild wind,

darkening the clouds as you pass them,

while you make distress all over the city.


You are a giraffe taller than the stairs up to heaven,

stretching your neck like a morning yawn,


you are the morning breeze,

filling up your lungs.


You are the sound of a bird chirping in the morning sun,

as people all over the world awake from their slumber.


you are the smell of the pastries in the patisserie shop,

beckoning for someone to try your amazing taste.


you are the memory of my first birthday as I play in the ball pit,

jumping up and down having the best day of my life.


you are the distance between my dads aftershave and my mums perfume.


you are in our heads like a horror film terrifying you.


you are the beginning of the end.


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