The enchanted forest

You are a deer dancing in the enchanted wood. You are a fox as stealthy as fungi hiding behind nettles. You are a hedgehog happily hiding between leaves and stingers. You are a snake slithering through the brittle forest. You are a woodpecker knocking at the tree. You are a robin rummaging around in the nest. You are a leaf falling of the tree elegantly. You are a butterfly fluttering around the flowers. You are a swallow swooping around the sky. You are a tree standing still in the chilli breeze. You are a sneaky person peeking in the enchanted wood stealthily. You are a bluetit tweeting gracefully in the vivid morning sky.

2 Responses to “The enchanted forest”

  1. It is a very good piece of writing .

  2. 1. I love the idea about the hedgehog happily hiding.
    2. Can you name the flowers? Eg. Roses
    3.Try and use some similes.

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