The stories of the world by Heidi and Ethan

You are a tasty apple

hanging on the tree branch

waiting to be picked.


You are a speedy cheetah

as quick as a flash

running through the weaving grass.


You are Burston Primary School

a hub of learning

a fun place to be.


You are a cliff

with rocks falling off

crashing down in a tornado.


You are a sneaky, silent ninja

creeping in the dark

putting the bad guys in jail.


You are the feeling of happiness

a smile spreading over my face

a warmth growing inside.


You are a Friday

the smell of fish and chips

and a long weekend ahead.


You are a my muscles

strong and sturdy

helping me lift things.


You are a tornado

spinning around like fire

sucking up the earth.


You are the memories in my heart

Reminding me what to do

and what not to do.

2 Responses to “The stories of the world by Heidi and Ethan”

  1. 1.great poem and the long time and effort you used to create this amazing poem. does fire spin around? could add some more detail.

  2. 1.Very good!
    2. Why was it so long?
    3. Try to make the poem smaller next time good decriptoin.

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