What are you?

You are the shining spitting sun,

glowing above an anxious alpaca.


You are a loved lost glove ,

waiting to be found in the hot white snow.


You are a frog

jumping like jelly.


You are the sound of an eagle,

squawking above its food.


You are a lion’s tooth,

waiting to eat the food.


You are the smell of a roast dinner,

on a cold Christmas Day.


You are June with a burnt neck,

beach vibes and ocean dancing in your bold blue eyes.


You are a fruit cake the taste of juicy apples,

soft smooth peaches saturated oranges and vanilla icing.

One Response to “What are you?”

  1. I really enjoyed your poem especially the part about the hot white snow but to make it even better you could change the jelly frog one a bit by using better vocabulary .

    from George.

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