What are you?

You are the touch of dry water

like the desert air.


You are the echo of a bats screech

in the night sky.


You are a star slowly sucked

into a black hole.


You are the smell of a freshly cut grass

on a summer day.


You are a chaotic calamity, clapping its hands

and grinning with glee.


You are a lone star,

wandering the depths of the deep black void.


You are the echo of a silent scream,

the epitome of darkness.


You are the glow of the

crestfallen golden embers.


You are the impossibility of flight like,

a dragon from outer space.


You are the scent of a rose bush,

gleaming in the summer heat.


You are a curious calamitous crab

scuttling along the seashore.


You are the echo of a lions soul, in the wide yellow savannah,

like a dry cough flowing through the wind.


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