Who are you? By Kezia.

You are a lost pencil,

on a silent alleyway,

like a stranded ball.


You are a sweet lemon,

sweeter than sweets,

like a sour apple.


You are Stanley and you ran off,

to the boat of mystery,

like a speedy snail.


You are back at camp green lake,

and the warden scratched you with her poisonous wet nails,

like a rattle snake.


You are number 3 in line and you need your canteen filled.


You are a yellow spotted snake,

with venomous poison,

like a black widow spider.


You were at camp green lake,

and you didn’t enjoy it.


You are a tree drinking water.

3 Responses to “Who are you? By Kezia.”

  1. Hi
    Your work is AMAZING I like when you used (You were at camp green lake, and you did not enjoy it) that was my favourite part of the poem.

  2. Thx for the comment.

  3. Your work is really good my favourite part was when you introduced camp green lake.

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