You are…

You are the sun,

blazing from the clear blue sky.

You are a shooting star,

erupting with emerald shoots.

You are the moon,

glittering over the water.

You are an ancient tree,

waking worlds of new colour and growth.

You are a newborn deer,

lurching unsteadily on its new legs.

You are a garden of flowers,

growing in piles of jewels.

You are a golden corn,

splashed with red poppies and yellow gorse.

You are the scent of the air,

filled with honeysuckle.

You are a forest,

the heat clinging to the trees and drifting through the air in a misty haze.

You are like bluebells,

flung like wafts of perfume in the air.

You are like a strangled scream,

begging for mercy.




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