You are ….

You are like a popped tyre, feeling sad and depressed, deflating slowly and sadly.

You are a broken bike, slowly getting covered by spider webs, stuck under the bridge.

You are a massive blue whale, swimming though the deep dark ocean, with no fear.

You are a rocket ship, being launched, in to the never ending universe.

You are like a frisbee, always spinning around, while flying around.

You are like a clock, ticking non stop, and being hung to the wall.

You are like ball, kicked into mr Jeffs house house, lost in the underground of his overgrawn garden.

You are like a bag of crisps, salty and crunchy, like the sand on the beach.


One Response to “You are ….”

  1. It says you are ball kicked into Mr Jeff house house you put two two houses.

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