You are

You are a big beautiful bus

driving as fast as can be

like a car wizzing round a hot wheels track.


You are a lovely, leaping leopard

laughing as you sprint

giving people frights as you whizz past.


You are the smell of the night air

damp, dark and cold

like  a freezer at its coldest.


You are the sound of  a magical harp

playing throughout the universe

almost deafening the children tucked up in bed.


You are in London

buses are beeping people are screaming and bugs are crawling

not a single person can sleep.


You are the memory of

my first day of preschool where I played in the sandpit with my friends .


You are the distance between

a snakes bite and puppy’s scratch .


You are the taste of Cadbury’s chocolate

creamy and delicious .


You are the poem

scrunched up into a ball.















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