6 Responses to “You are”

  1. Hi you are a really good writer I love the line , You are a pathetic chicken, though you descend from the all mighty Tyrannosaurus rex .

  2. Well done! Try and describe the Christmas and how it felt so I’m basically saying try to add feelings. Try not to say pathetic chicken say something like energetic chicken or physic chicken.

  3. Hi Zoe, I like how you said the ‘Pathetic Chicken’ but try and describe the Tyrannosaurus .

  4. Hello, this is a good poem, the pathetic chicken has good description on it, I suggest you add some more to it, but it sounds good.

  5. HI it is Zach i really like this poem accpesualy you are a pathetic chicken
    How did u think of this sentence the pathetic chicken ?
    To improve i would try and make it a bit longer .

  6. Well done add a bit more description about Christmas.

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