You are… Poppy

You are a silver star,

a baby to the moon,

the odd one,

like a sweet lemon.


You are the impossibility of

everything the same,

a sausage dog but not in the shape of a sausage,

a circle that’s not round.


You are the smell of melted chocolate,

lying in the sun,

melting as we speak.

You are the taste of bruised apples,

the mingy yellow colour,

the sweetness.


You are melted cheese,

the sticky melty taste,

the taste when it sticks to the top of your mouth,

like peanut butter and jam.


You are scissors,

cutting lives every second.


You are a cloud,

light and fluffy,

floating in the night sky.


you are a slice of cake,

full of flavour,

the fudgey taste,

waiting to get devoured.


You are a heart,

thumping to get out,

beating in somone’s body.



2 Responses to “You are… Poppy”

  1. Lily
    I love how you put you are a cloud light and fluffy.

  2. hi thank you for your comment!

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