You are a scrumptious ice cream ready to eat.

You are a star in the far away galaxy.

You are a skateboard dripping with rain.

You are a donut waiting to be eaten.

You are a football running away in the wind.

You are a fluffy dog snoring in its bed.

You are a car zooming down the motorway.

You are a sword sharper then any blade.

You are a book ready to be read.

You are a ps5 waiting to be pre ordered.

4 Responses to “Doggy”

  1. 1.I liked the idea about the ice cream
    2.what could you improve on ?
    3.maybe you could make it about the title

  2. Great poem! I love this! Can you add a simile? 1 thing to improve this is by adding alliteration!

  3. I love the creativity and the feeling in the line ‘You are a football running away in the wind.’

    Could you be more specific in naming the dog in line 6?

    Maybe you could you add more adjectives to add more description about the book?

  4. 1. Wow what an outstanding poem.
    2. Do you think you could be more specific what flavour ice cream e.g: mint choc chip?
    3. Try and improve the adjectives and maybe use personification.

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