Melting chocolate

You are a scrumptious ice cream ready to eat.

You are a star in the far away galaxy.

You are a chocolate bar melting in my mouth.

You are a clock ticking away.

You are a ball waiting to move.

You are a donut with chocolate dripping down the side.

You are a car zooming down the motorway way.

You are a cuddly dog snoring in your snuggly bed.

You are a train zooming down the line.

You are a fish in the deep blue sea.

5 Responses to “Melting chocolate”

  1. This is very good! But maybe next time make them more about chocolate so that the title makes more sense. But it’s really good other than that.

  2. 1. I like how you used a lot of food
    2. Why am I a clock it doesn’t match with the poem ?
    3. What type of dog am I and try to use a simile 🙂

  3. Hiii I really like your poem it’s so good but maybe your could use a simile to make it better ! Well done.

  4. Hi
    1.I love all the food that you used good poem.
    2.Why am I a ticking clock.
    3. Maybe use a simile to make it better.

  5. I love this poem because it is about melting chocholate

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