My Poem of Different things by Elsie

You are …

You are sunny Saturday the best day of the week.

You are my dream of getting on the Hogwarts Express, all set to go to the old, hunted Hogwarts to learn all sorts of magic.

You are a grey, feather like, cute koala hanging on to a eucalyptus tree happily munching away on some tasty leaves.

You are the, crisp, Christmasy smell of a cinnamon candle burning in the moon light.

You are the appetizing taste of pumpkin  pie cooking in the oven.

You are eight, a green, scaly Mambas.

You are Cinderellas glass slipper, on the front step of the ball waiting to be found.

You are the memory of the dazziling Disney land castle glowing in the  distance.

You are my Grandmas loving touch, giving me a huge hug and a little kiss on the cheak.

You are a juciy Watermelon growing round and plump in the summer sun.

You are a pink,  bag, sparkly rushed into the classroom ready for the school day to begin.

You are the sunny summer month July where children laugh and play.

You are Paris the place of Ballet, hopes and dreams.

You are Jupiter the biggest planet in our stary sola system.

You are the end, the end of my wonderful poem.

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