My poem of different Things by Esther

You are an enjoyable , sunny Saturday the best day of the week.

You are a cheerful energetic ,  golden retriever  chasing the bright chewy, ball your owner threw happily.

You are my golden dream to visit magical Hogwarts with all my friends and learn all sorts of magic.

You are the crisp, Christmas smell of a cinnamon candle burning in the Christmas eve moonlight.

You are the appetizing taste of a pumpkin pie , sizzling in the boiling hot oven.

You are a number 8 a green, scaly mambas.

You are Harry Potter’s  long lost magical wand , waiting in the cold , forbidden  winter forest soon to be found.

You are a juicy amber orange , shining like the sun.

You are a colourful, schoolbag being rushed into the bright, shiny cloakroom ready to start a school day.

You are  the summer month June, when kids play in the summer breeze , and get creamy ice-cream all over their faces.

You are Paris, the place of ballet , hopes and dreams.

You are Jupiter the biggest planet in the gigantic, starry solar system.

You are the end of my wonderful poem.

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