The different things in the Earth You are

You are a mythical Minotaur ready for his next victim,

You are the thin dust in Saturn’s ring

You are the fear that gives young children’s nightmares

You are a poodle puppy strolling down the road to have his jab

You are that guy who gives children happiness

You are as fearless as a tiger devouring his prey

You are the earth chasing the asteroids like a dog and a squirrel

You are a extreme spider monkey swinging gracefully vine to vine

You are a piece of paper flapping and gliding on to the ground

You are the Broughton lake making rivers flow amazingly

You are tiny new born puppy as cute as ever curled up like a full stop

You are as slow as dust floating in the spacious grassland

You are mother nature giving life to the world

You are the young kids shoes tying up his laces

You are Christiano Ronaldo scoring all of the goals

You are the person beyond the limits

You are the kid who’s completed all his goals and achievements

You are as slippery as a fishes scales and skin

You are the golf ball ready to he putted

You are the football ready to be kicked in to the goal

You are the rugby ball about to get the epic try

One Response to “The different things in the Earth You are”

  1. Wow this is very good I like how you used different things people wouldn’t expect
    Is there a question to ask?
    Very very very good piece.

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