Things around us

You are an idea transformed within intelligent brains,

You are a strand of hope waiting to be pulled,

You are an injection of fear, numbing a whole being,

You are a caring family walking on natural walks,

You are a fragile leaf falling gracefully from a smiling tree,

You are a daring child, swinging swiftly from long, hanging vines,

You are a butterfly elegantly flapping its beautifully patterned wings like pages of a dusty book,

You are a trainer, smelling revoltingly in the freezing air,

You are a plastic bag, polluting the air we breath,

You are a paper cup, gliding through car parks, damaging the earth,

You are a tap, gushing out clean water for the people,

You are an abandoned hoody, left alone on the surface of the earth,

You are a camera, flashing dramatically, taking incredible photos,

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