What are you?

You are the memory of a baby crying.

You are an elephants tongue as stiff as a bolt stuck on the wall.

You are a hyena waiting to pounce on its pray.

You are a balloon ready to deflate in the sky.

You are the taste of pancakes on a sunny Sunday morning.

You are a rose that is beautiful like a baby panda or kola.

You are a hailing hail of rain in Buxton that is as fast as a sloth.

You are the glaze of the sun.

You are the lime green Japanese sea on a sunny and warm day.

You are the smell of my mum’s smelly feet when that are not washed for weeks.

You are the taste of an elephant tooth paste. You are distant between your dad who is in bed and you are in Africa.

You are the sound of flours blooming in morocco in the sea side.

You are as slow as a tortoise.

You are a pillow as puffy as a polar bear.

You are a number like a day of the week.

You are the sun.

You are the warmth of radiator.

You are the lemony of a taste.

You are as beautiful as a peacock.

You are a dentist.

You are a simply as a dog on a show day.

You are a kind American.

You are a crowd.

You are brave.

You’re the end of my favourite story.

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