Who you are …

You are an oak tree,

with many secrets.

you are a six 

And a nine

you are Monday,

Tired and sad Monday.

You are a handful of planet,

shining through the window.

You are a beagle,

looking for a owner.

You are a vomit fruit,

but not vomiting.

You are a shuricken,

turning in every direction.

You are Boris Jonson,

but not Boris Jonson.

You are in Tesco,

But going to your car

You are as fast as a rock,

Skimming on the water.

You are the shimmering sunlight,

That reflects in the water like a mirror

You are a school student,

Ready to learn.

You are a snake slithering safely,

To the river.

You are a blue wale waylaying,

As he is hurt.

You are every thing,

but not every thing.

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