You are

You are a dove in the icy grey morning sky soaring through the clouds.

You are mars’ third moon so small hidden from sight.

You are a fallen autumn  leaf dancing in the wind.

You are are as sweet as sugar but taste like salt.

You are the guilt and sadness hung over everyone like a shadow.

You are sunshine on my tongue.

You are a flickering flame in a forest of trees.

You are a juicy apple the Adam should never have eaten.

You are a distance between a dinosaur’s mass and a ant’s foot steps.

You are the smell of cinnamon on a Christmas day.

You are the memory of a shooting star lighting up the sky.

One Response to “You are”

  1. #1 I really like its descriptive in small sentences.
    #2 How did you come up with these ideas
    #3 The sentences could be longer

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