You Are

You are an angry anvil
As tough as steel

You are a shark in the ocean
swimming like an eel

You are a bashful banner
Coloured like the dark

You are a old stone
In the shape of an ark

You are a juicy apple
Sitting in a tree

You are a little fish
In the shallow end of the sea

You are December
Who forgot Christmas

You are a emerald
Glowing green like toxic waste

One Response to “You Are”

  1. Brooke and Oskar October 1, 2020 at 10:29 am

    Hello Connor
    I really like how you made your writing rhyme. It is very creative.
    Why did you decide to make it rhyme?
    Maybe you could extend some of your ideas? For example “you are a little fish, swimming away from a hammer head shark in the Coral reef.”

    You are a really good writer.
    Brooke and Oskar.

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