you are

your a lion waiting for your lunch

your are a the happy valley in summer your are a little green , slimy enjoyably along the side of a pond

you are a small star dancing in the moon light

you are a choclate bar waiting to be eaten

you are a person in perfect motion

you are the opposite of Donald Trump

you as light as the sun

you are a rainbow in the sky

you are rain waiting to crie

your are a the love of December and not the 5th of November

you are the the moon

you are the blossom of spring

you are the end


3 Responses to “you are”

  1. I like the humour in this poem. Can you put your punctuation in it. Why did you include Donald Trump?

  2. 1.I like the way you said you are as light as the sun. 2.Why did you write this.3. Many you can extend it.

  3. I like the lion bit and the star what bit did you like?good work.

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