You are …

You are a shining star sparkling in the night sky.

You are a king cobra ready to hover throw the air like a pancake getting thrown up into the sky.

You are a person who is a bully but nice and a friend who is horrible.

Your a dream catcher who is catching the bad dreams and letting the good dreams go like a policeman letting the innocent go free.

You are a skunk which smells nice and a rose which smells horrible .

You re a light bulb who is as bright as the sun.

You are the planet Jupiter looking down at the hopeless little planets.

You are a chicken looking at the people eating your friends.

You are a hopeless little car looking at the people laughing at the driver on the wheel.

You are happiness as the sunny day has eventually overcome the rain.

You are a mouldy banana hopelessly rotting until it becomes nothing.

You are a lion targeting its prey.

You are you.

2 Responses to “You are …”

  1. I like we’re you have put you are a dream catcher .
    Do you have a dream catcher at home.
    You could describe the chicken a little bit more.

    • Hi there,
      thanks for your comment
      I do not have a dream catcher at home.
      next time i will do some description

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