You are

You are

You are a puffy poodle poaching an enormous egg.

You are the impossibility of a sizzling December.

You are a jam jumping around the globe jealously.

You are the impossibility of Boris Johnson calling a day of ignorance.

You are a monstrous muffin mumbling many words.

You are the taste of bitter coffee beans but sweeter then the purest sugar.

You are a lazy loft, which is slower than a sleeping sloth.

You are the midnight stare in an abandoned town.

You are the distance between an amazing angel and a destructive devil.

You are in Central Park cartwheeling with curiosity.

You are 1 , you are the one and only, you shine brighter then the scorching sun.

You are bigger then Jupiter, but still weaker then a falling feather.

You are a gloomy ghost, giggling and growing grass.

You are the faint star shining in day and hiding from us at night.

You are a blooming blossom beaming at the spring’s light.

You are Abraham Lincon’s horribly long hat, having a horrible Hanukkah.

You are a cozy igloo informing tourist to visit your imaginative fantasy.

You are the becoming of a new history.

You are the becoming of a new histrory.

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