You are

You are as hot as a candle lowly melting away

You are a slice of hope bringing people to do incredible things that would never have been done because of fear

You are a injection of fear numbing everything in your path

You are a silver glowing eye called the moon looking down on people on earth

You are a feather gliding down gracefully from a tree into the lake without a splash

You are a never ending staircase leading up to the moon

You are a piece of sizzling bacon making everyone happy

You are the meaning of life so important but misunderstood

You are a ash black cat sleeping on the soft rug next to the fire warm and cosy

You are a rabbit with fire as white as snow and as soft as a cloud

You are a black and white ball being kicked around a muddy field by out of breathe kids

You are a fluffy white blanket there to keep people warm

You are a peaches with a soft orange skin sitting in the fruit ball surrounded by many other fruit

You are bright yellow post it notes with a whole days work on

You are a comma giving a breath when we don’t need a full stop

You are a nightmare scarring the hope and happiness away from children that could do well without you in their heads

You are a dream bring hope and happiness to a young child

You are June warm with many many beautiful flowers

You are a shout from a child’s mouth calling for help

You are a laugh of happiness from a silly child

You are the difference between a laugh and a cry

You are the difference between a dream and a nightmare

You are the girl who became a haunted ghost and the and the ghost who became a girl

You are the end of the world but the start of a new one

You are the smell of strawberries in a sunny field

You are the smell of old fish in the  salty sea

You are the galaxy up above full of star, colour and mystery




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