You are a

You are a slimy, slippery speeding through a hole,

You are a plump pear with pearls of seeds.

You are long London with big ben reaching for the rainbow that has never been touched,

You are a feirce lion pouncing on a cute baby mouse and its family.

You are a quick sloth speeding across the rainforest,

You are a little girl hoping to catch the happiness of a colurful rainbow.

You are a star dancing across the universe,

You are a sweet jucy grape ready to be eaten.

You are the smell of my mums delicious banana bread,

You are the memory of a beach with sand castles, people, shells and the sea with its waves brushing everything away with into its murky deeps.

You are the distance of me and my future,

You are the number zero with tour tummy shouting for food.

You are the possibilitys of me gerring twenty dojo’s,

You are the month decmber with all the presents.

You are the planet jubiter with all the many worshipers bowing down to you,

You are as big as a giant that is as small as a mouse.

You are the begging of a animal but the end of a person.


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