You are an everything poem

You are a flickering flame dancing in the night sky illuminating Scotforth Road.

You are a red rose standing tall and proud like a gargoyle staring at people as they go past.

You are a number eight, an ever lasting infinite loop.

You are hatred circling round a body like daggers in a bloody lake.

You are the distance between a smiley face and a sobbing face.

One Response to “You are an everything poem”

  1. Hi,

    you are a great poet, your detail is exquisite, I especially love the part about the bloody lake and the daggers.

    1. The first line about the flames are giving me my own perfect picture in my head,
    2.Could you add some more lines with extra of your fantastic description?
    3.Next time you could sign it of with an ending line

    I hope you like my feedback,
    Lauren and Jessica

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