You are… by May

You are a sopping September day,

With your cold heart

And no light to warm it up.


You are a loving memory,

Of all the fun I had when I was young

With my best friends then there was only one


You are in marvelous Melbourne,

Waiting for it to become cold

Whilst we come to collect you.


You are the sun’s ray,

Beaming down on me

Making my life better again


You are a Persian cat,

Rubbing  around my legs

Giving me lots of love.


You are the best-sounding singing

Surprising person I have ever met

Living like a cow grazing in a field.


You are a bubbling balloon,

Flying up and coming down

As quickly as a mouse  being chased by a black cat.


You are a crashing car,

Speeding through traffic

As angry as a bull at the sight of a human.


You are the tender taste,

Of the whistling wind

Drying out my mouth.

2 Responses to “You are… by May”

  1. Ruslana and Poppy October 1, 2020 at 10:39 am

    First just to say why is your poem so long? we like your poem.

  2. Hello we like your beauty poem

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