You are poem

You are a sweet sweet candy

 crunching in my mouth.

You are an elephant with a long trunk

 blowing water out to the plants.

You are a tree swaying and rustling in the wind.

You are a smell of the sea

 on the beach 

You are a globe

 spinning in circles round the world.

You are a sticky glue stick 

On a piece of paper.


2 Responses to “You are poem”

  1. Sophie and Freya October 1, 2020 at 10:38 am

    You are a good writer and great poet.
    1. You can write a really good poem and I like the line “You are a sweet sweet candy
    Crunching in my mouth.”
    2. Why is it crunching or is it a chewy sweet?
    3. Maybe you could up level the word long in the line “you are an elephant with a long trunk.”
    You are a great writer and keep up the hard work and great ideas!

    Sophie and Freya.

  2. Hi Sophie
    Amazing work
    1.I like where you said sweet sweet candy crunching in my mouth.
    2.where is the candy in your mouth?
    3.maybe you can put sweet sweet candy’s where scrunching into pieces in my mouth.

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