You are poem

You are a Bloodhound
Striding down Howarth road,
Shouting for your mum anxiously.

You are a jokey
Galloping around the paddock,
Like a furious bull.

You are a horse
Clipping and clopping over the towering tarmac,
Like a pig playing in the mud.

You are a Goblin
Steeling candy,
Breaking children’s hearts.

You are a umbrella
Always freezing cold,
Like ice cream that has just come out the freezer.

You are a bin
Always down cause you smell bad,
As if you are a skunk.

You are a beautiful butterfly
Elegantly fluttering round the earth,
Feeling like a ballerina.

You are a clock
Always getting a headache,
Like the teacher from all the children screaming.

You are a sick bucket
Always seeing children’s stinky vomit
Like a bucket of hell.

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