You are the Galaxy Judah N TJS

You are a minuscule crumb being sucked up by the hoover.

You are a shadow lurking in the moonlight.

You are a planet travelling in the wonders of the galaxy

You are a jar with stars inside you lighting up the sky.

You are a blooming flower releasing the aroma of roses into the atmosphere.

You are  the galaxy shimmering in a never ending loop.

You are the boy who became a star and a girl who became the night.

You are a lost memory wandering in the dark.

You are a puffy sponge meant to be squeezed with water rushing out of.

You are a fish exploring the wonders of the deep depths of the ocean.

You are the rings of Saturn twirling around in a crazed daze.

You are a sweet delight waiting to be devoured.

You are flames disintegrating anything that gets in your path.

You are the light showing the way.

You are a river prowling into the ocean.

You are a hurricane of anger boiling up and bursting with rage.

You are the sound of a lost soul trapped in an empty jar.


One Response to “You are the Galaxy Judah N TJS”

  1. Hello this is Isabella from Stone with Woodford C OF E primary I really like your writing Although i would add a little more description on the planet but other than that it is great. Well done

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