Different things. Ava SWW

You are the sound of a lions dreading roar.

You are the sight of a elegant palace building up to the giant clouds.

You are the feeling of a fluffy puppy drifting of into its peaceful sleep.

You are the smell of cake mixture ready to be put into the boiling oven.

You are the fear of a tree towering up bringing a tear to their eyes.

You are the joy bringing a frown upside down.

You are the taste of a delicious roast dinner cooked by your nan.



6 Responses to “Different things. Ava SWW”

  1. Lily
    I love when you said You are the sound of a lions dreading roar.

  2. 1) We like the part about the cake mixture.

    2) We like how you describe the lion with the dreading roar.

  3. I loved your use of words and where your rhyming was really good!

  4. I really like the line that says you are the sound of a lions dreading roar.
    I don’t really understand why a tree brings a tear to your eye.
    This is amazing.

  5. I like how you are the taste.
    Where did you get the inspiration?
    Line 3 doesn’t make sense.

  6. I love how you described ever noun in the poem!
    I can’t think of anything bad about it!

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