Jasmine’s Poem

You are a beautiful sunflower in the sun waiting for a bee to take your pollen away from you while you rot away.

You are a star in the middle of space just waiting for your planet to woosh you away.

You are a mouldy apple trying to run free from your tree.

You are a rosy cherry waiting for your friend to grow beside you.

You are the sun shining on the people you love with the moon shining on people that let you down but got back up.

You are a gift lying on the dusty ground waiting for someone to open you up and be surprised.

One Response to “Jasmine’s Poem”

  1. Ivy and Felicity October 1, 2020 at 10:33 am

    1.I really like your ‘your are the sun’ poem,
    2. Do you think you can describe the tree with the moldy apple?
    3. I think you could add some commas in the sun poem after the ‘you love’ part.

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