8 Responses to “You are.”

  1. Love it especially the one with the cactus
    Can you do some more description?

  2. I like your post maybe add more verses well done

  3. It is very good I really like the spaghetti one.

  4. 1.,wow well done I would had never done something like that!!
    2.,how did you even think of that???????!
    3.,instead of prickly,cactus maybe prickly thorn bush

  5. You are really good I like the one about the cactus it really makes a perfect picture in my head

    Why was the ice sharp. ??

    Maybe you could do this in paragraphs and add more on to each one

  6. 1.,I love your penguin description!!
    2.,how about a seal description next time???
    3.,how about adding an over verse next time!!

  7. I really like the luxury bath bomb bit I can almost imagine it in front of me.
    My bye more adverbs.

  8. Beautiful poem Isabella

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