You are ….

You are a fierce flame to a open fire.

You are as tall as a neck on a giraffe.

You are a demon companion with the eyes of midnight.

You are scream of a billion mice as helpless as a deer being hunted.

You are a million whispers travelling into the air.

You are an elephant with a trunk as long as a tree.

You are a plain piece of paper flying in the air.



8 Responses to “You are ….”

  1. I like this poem because you have but lots of detail to all of the sentences.

  2. thats as amazing as a shooting star.

  3. you are as amazing as a shooting star

  4. .1 I like the first bit of the poem because you have described it a lot but you could add a bit more.

  5. I like the whole poem one thing i think you can improve .Where you put flying in the air you could use soring through the fresh breeze. why is trunk as long as a tree?

  6. 1) I like it because it has animals in it.

  7. WOW! This is the best poem that I have ever read

  8. I really like how you have described this .

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