Summer Waves

The sandy hot beach
was filled up by people and
surfers on the waves.

The fish and chips were
as hot as the burning sand
and seagulls pinching.

The ice-cream melted
because of the burning sun
the ice-cream was gone.

The laughter from children
on the beach and splashing
in the waves by the shore.

I can hear the splash
of the waves by the shore
and children laughing.




4 Responses to “Summer Waves”

  1. I like how you added fish and chips because I love fish and chips.
    Do you like fish and chips.
    Try and add more phrases or sentences if you can.

  2. 1. I like how you put the ice cream melted because of the burning sun.
    2. Has your ice cream ever melted because of the sun.
    3. You could improve it by adding more detail.

  3. This is good.
    Why did you do it about summer?

  4. 1. Good work
    2. have you seen surfers on the beach?
    3. Add summing interesting ok

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