The 4 seasons. Olivia R

Robins in the snow .
Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Crackling fire to keep warm.

Ice floats in the lemonade.
Sun shining in my eyes .
Relaxing in the pool.

Seeds starting to grow.
Buds on the trees.
Seagulls crowing.
Crunchy leaves under my feet.
Wind making me fall over.
Spiky conkers hitting you on the head.

3 Responses to “The 4 seasons. Olivia R”

  1. 1 I love how each paragraph is on a different season.
    2 Why did you choose all the seasons in one poem?
    3 Maybe you could go over the syllabals making sure it goes 5,7,5 or something close to that.

  2. Charlotte and Gabriel October 9, 2020 at 10:11 am

    we loved this poem

    1. i like the sentence ‘crackling fire to keep you warm’ as it gives me an emotion and ‘crackling’ is a very good word

    2. What was your favourite season to write about?

    3. For the sentence where you talked about the ice floating in the lemonade you can write ice floating in lemonade without ‘the’ in it

  3. I like your poem because it describes about all the seasons and not just one
    why did you choose to do different seasons and not just one
    maybe you could add one more paragraph about each season next time

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