Seasons…….By Aisha


A blanket of snow lays on steep hills

Icicles  fall and shatter on the ground 

Singing of carols and laughing children


Lively lambs chasing butterflies 

Buttercups under the chins of kids 

Morning dew  hides in the grass 


The smell of fresh mint 

Blossoms on the tree

The searing light of the sun burns the eye


Crunching of leaves under the feet of giants 

The smell of chicken dinner

The falling leaves and the naked trees 

4 Responses to “Seasons…….By Aisha”

  1. I like your poem very much because you have used the rule 5,7,5 Well Done!

  2. Thank you Anonymous! Thank You

  3. Nice poem Aisha try and describe the isicles othersWise it is a really good poem !

  4. Hi, really good poem but try and describe the leaves otherwise it is a really good poem!

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