A year that is not 2020

the sweet Sakura ,

which laced the cold wet cobbles,

made a soft spring carpet,


The laughing children,

hunting painted Easter eggs,

that I painted myself,


the beach ,which was calm,

had children playing in the sea,

and ice cream on the sand,


lonely acorn cups,

rashes of smoked bacon,

in the bitter autumn air,


MMM pumpkin pasties,

MMM sticky toffee apples,

with halloween treats,


advent calendars,

on a crisp winter morning,

as carols are sung,


pork pies on a plate,

the taste of a Christmas roast,

New Years fireworks shine.

6 Responses to “A year that is not 2020”

  1. Unfortunately it is still 2020 and will be for a few more months also 2021 could possibly be worse

  2. Hello poppy,
    I like your poem but could you add a simile or metaphor?
    Have YOU ever had i pumpkin pasty? I know I haven’t but I would like to try one!

  3. Shreeya-SGJ
    1) Your poem is amazing and I love your choice of words.
    2) Was it hard to create your poem?
    3)Maybe change the 5th stanza because the MMM doesn’t make sense, but apart from that well done.

  4. Hi,
    1.I love your title!
    2.Could you maybe add some similes?
    3.Add some more information
    I loved your poem overall

  5. 1.You’re title is so funny I can not get enough of it.
    2. The MMMMM part what will it taste like.
    3. Nothing it is amazing

  6. 2 more months till 2021 hope it’s better than 20 was

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