Haikus by Mark

Snowflakes falling

From the sky. Falling rapidly.

They look beautiful.


Leaves crunching loudly

From the floor. Like a jump-scare.

I leap rapidly.


Robins chirping

From the mysterious woods.

Attracts the streets.


Leaves crunch in the day

Crunches like a glow stick snapping

The amber sun glazing.

3 Responses to “Haikus by Mark”

  1. Hi Mark,
    1) Wow I can not believe this it is fabulous I love how you did …..falling rapidly.
    2) But maybe because you used rapidly in the first paragraph maybe you could of choose a different word in the second paragraph.
    3) I quitE like the 3rd paragraph but maybe you could ad a little more Detail here
    But anyway well done mark this is was nice commenting and reading this amazing piece of writing

  2. HI Mark
    1.I love the line Robins chirp from the mysterious woods
    2.why did you say the amber sun glazed?
    3.Instead of saying the amber sun glazed could you say The amber sun blazed.

  3. Hi Mark great poem.
    1. We really like the line “Robins chirping”
    2. On the line “Leaves crunching loudly” what colour are the leaves?
    3. You could say on the line “Snowflakes falling” how big the snowflakes are.
    Charlie and Zoe.

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