Seasonal haiku poem

BBQ cooking.

The grill zizzles hotly in the sun.

Beef burgers grill.

Snow, blanket for the Earth.

Robins flying above your head.

Snowmen waiting lonely.

Hot tub bubbles. 

Children giggle loudly. 

Having a big party.

It is Autumn time.

A leaf no longer green falls on your head.

Softly kissing Earth. 

3 Responses to “Seasonal haiku poem”

  1. Hi Tyler
    I like your poem and I like it because you did summer and autumn. This shows a real contrast.

  2. Hi Tyler,
    This is Alicia and I’m Isla. We love that you used it on a BBQ. Where did you get that idea from? Maybe you should improve’ having a big party’ you could get a greater word for big. Ok keep up the good work
    From Alicia and Isla
    P.S:Good luck.

  3. Brooke and Oskar October 22, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    Hi Tyler,
    I really like the line ‘a snowman waiting lonely’ .
    Why did you say softly kissing the Earth?
    There is no improvement possible. It is so good.
    Good work Tyler
    From Brooke and Oskar.

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