The hot dogs sizzle

loudly as it starts to burn

like a crispy duck


The corn cobs cook on

the dangerous grill and turns

more nice and juicy


The burger patties

are fresh and succulent as

they heat up rapidly


The marshmallows melt as

they slowly start to escape

the knife sharp skewer


The ice creams all wait

impatiently as they start

to melt rapidly

Ice creams



5 Responses to “The BBQ”

  1. Well done this is amazing! Maybe next time try and not make the gaps in between the verses not to big, but other than that you did excellent.

  2. I really like this one ice cream, burger patty hot dogs it’s really good

  3. I love that this one is pretty much what happens at a BBQ.
    Maybe use a different line for the very last line.
    Just make a bit more sense but altogether I think this is great!

  4. 1 I love how you chose a BBQ.
    2 What made you choose a BBQ.
    3 Maybe next time to try to not include ice cream when it started from a BBQ.

  5. Wow this is amazing it made me hungry just reading it!

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