Contrasting Characters

Joey opened the door, fell into the class and through himself onto the chair sorry I’m late he shouted staring at himself. Trying not to catch anyone’s eye, Mr Treefall talked on and on about adjectives while Joey chewed over what happened. Joey couldn’t forget the look on his mum’s face, when they slammed the door.

Meanwhile, Bob pulled open the classroom door, ambled in and chucked his school bag down beside a big space at a desk. Good morning Mr Treefall, he said interrupting the year 6 SPAG lesson! With a smile, I would have been with a smile, I would have been with you earlier but I was doing social distancing at the bus stop and had shut the door.

Joey wrestled a notebook and pencil out of his fancy bag, sat back and gave his best impression of being fascinated by Mr Treefall speech concerning the way in which adjectives were a moveable feast Joey didn’t hear what was being said as he replayed the events of the morning. Joey pretended to listen as he planned his next step, Bob drank in every word.

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