The darkest night.

James was riding his bicycle down the lane towards his home. When he arrived he knocked on the door.No one answered.He opened the door quietly!He looked around. A giant moon hung in the black sky.Bright stars were shining.He opened the old wooden door.There were cracks in the walls and wallpaper was peeling off like a snake sheding its skin.

6 Responses to “The darkest night.”

  1. Hi it’s Henry SWW I just wanted to say that I really like the sentence, a giant moon hung in the black sky. Really well done.

  2. I like this Pease of righting. From Seth SWW

  3. Frank SWW

    I love your work it is a great piece of writing, I liked reading the bit were it say’s, there was know answer. Because it is a short stubby sentence.

    Do you enjoy writing, because looking at that writing it looks like enjoy?

    Try not to repeat your words because you have got three doors in your writing.

  4. Hi milo,
    1. Love the sentences and it was really mysterious
    2.Where did you get the ideas from and those amazing words?
    3.You can improve on the speech maybe you can some speech in but other than that good job keep posting!.

  5. Very well done just remember the space marks.

  6. I love the name of this it gives you a feeling that draws you in.

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