Urban Christmas..

Garroth walked into a winter wonderland and found a mystery door connected to a tree. Slouching over towards the door he slowly put his hand onto the knob and it blew open. His face filled with SHOCK. There were strange looking women and one man… The women were in Kimono’s and the man was in a suit. These people were not ordinary Japanese people oh no. They were urban legends. One woman 8ft tall, one with a never ending neck and one with no legs and many, many, others. They all had different features, usually when it comes to a Holiday time they’re really friendly. Garroth shouldn’t have gotten frightened because they greeted him in for their Christmas dinner! He felt like he trusted them so he ate it.. Little did he know he didnt meet the cook.. And that very night something strange has happened…

2 Responses to “Urban Christmas..”

  1. We like some of the adjectives eg slouching, mystery.
    Remember that plurals don’t have apostrophes!

  2. 1.I like how you based it on Christmas .
    2. What is kimono.
    3.maybe you could say what they had to eat.

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